How to order Sari Songket
How to Order

All songkets made by Sari Songket are woven from 100 % cotton. Some of the motif/ design threads can be from other materials but we always use the highest quality for our songkets.
You will be able to hand wash your songket with clean water at max. 40 celsius and a little soap special for hand wash, or a soft shampoo without any color. Hang the songket drying (not in direct sunlight) best to iron the songket if it is still a little damp and use a thin (white or beige) piece of cotton in between the iron and the songket. Start ironing on the inside (back) of the songket you will see, most of the songkets will be flat enough already. If you still want to iron on the front, please use the thin cotton piece of fabric to protect the threads. The iron can be used on the cotton (stand) but be careful if you have a songket with any glitter/ gold or silver thread. These may not be holding up to the heat of the iron. When clean and ironed the best to store the songket is rolling it up and place it in a clean airy and not fully packed drawer. Here in Asia it can be very humid or damp. You can put some silicon/silica in the drawer. Replace these every 3 till 6 months for new ones.