About Sari Songket Bali
About Sari Songket

Sari Songket was created by its founders for the sole purpose of keeping traditional weaving alive and giving back to the community. We love to see more young women weaving this beautiful fabric by hand. Located in the heart of Sidemen valley Sari Songket is starting to make songkets with an indigenous Balinese feel combined with a new designers touch on color and motives. We blend the traditional motives and weaving techniques into modern combinations. Sari Songket is a business dedicated to preserve ancient weaving techniques and a renewal income for the woman artisans (and some man) here in Sidemen valley. We started with 2 women artisans and at the moment we have 23 women and man weaving, our aim for the future is to get 35 artisans weaving and provide them with a good income. We will start to make songkets and some home decorations, bedrunners, cushions, throw pillows and…..